Flat Roof Lights

Technic – AL Flat Roof Light

The Techinc – AL flat rooflight is the perfect solution to increase natural daylight into a room. Our contemporary aluminium flat rooflights provide an impressive thermal performance and a stunning architectural finish. This system is ideal for extensions, self builds and multiplot commercial developments.

Measuring & Ordering

Our stock sizes and colours are ready for immediate dispatch, all we need to know is which size and colour you require. Your timber upstand needs to be the same size as the rooflight with a maximum pitch of 5°. Call us on 0300 3035 405 or click here to contact us – we can support you with and queries you may have. Once the order has been signed off you will receive your rooflight within five working days.

  1. The timber upstand needs to be a minimum of 75mm high and 85mm deep. It can be from flat to up to 5 degrees pitch.
  2. When ordering, provide the External Timber Upstand size. A 10mm overhang will automatically be added.
Measuring & Ordering from Zoda Homes | Weymouth | Dorset

Typical Detail

Installation Details

All our aluminium roof lights come in kit form. This includes everything you would need for assembly. Below we have outlined what is required to install your flat aluminium roof light system. These details can all be found in our downloads section.

  1. Insert the 2 cleats into each of the corners and peel back the tape. Silicone the profile edges using colour match silicone and tighten screws, ensuring the mitred corners join well.
  2. Once joined, apply colour match silicone sealant to the top of the timber upstand then lift into position on the timber upstand using 2 x 5mm packers to ensure a 10mm gap all round.
  3. Once in position, screw down through the thermal break.
  4. Ensure the two strips of Tremco Spacer Tape are positioned well all round, fill between the strips with the Tremco Structural Sealant then remove the plastic cover tape from the spacer tape.

Place the glass in position using 1 x 5mm packers to help. Remove the packers and seal around the outside with the Tremco Structural Sealant, creating a slight bevel at the top edge.

Installation Details from Zoda Homes | Weymouth | Dorset