Installation Guidance

Our mission at ZODA is to supply quality products at great prices, whilst offering a top value knowledge-based service. We are a supply only company which means we do not install or survey properties. To make our customer journey as easy as possible we supply an installer & surveyor database free of charge. This service does not have to be used but we always highly recommend professionals carrying out this work to ensure correct fitment of our product line.

Installation guidance

The first fixing must always occur within 150mm of each corner and at no more than 600mm centres. Do not over tighten fixings. Packers should be used around the fixings to prevent distortion of the frame. Foam can be used but it is not an alternative to screw fixing and care should be taken not to come into contact with the painted finish. Fix the outer frame into brickwork up both sides. Fix the head of the outer frame into brickwork or steel above. Double check the diagonals to make sure the doors or window are square.

Glazing tips

It is very important that windows and hinged doors are ‘toe and heeled’ correctly. Failure to pack the glass correctly will result in the window or door not operating properly.

If in doubt feel free to call us on 0300 3035 405 or via our contact formwe can support you with any queries you may have.

Installation guides

Feel free to visit our downloads section – most of our systems have installation guidance. We are always working on this section and are regularly updating it. Follow the download link to take you to our guidance sections.

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