We have seen more architectural drawings than you could possibly imagine. Drawings for new builds, for complete renovations, for commercial premises and countless others. As we see more and more, one thing we have noticed is the variation in the amount of detail that is included.

Many plans simply specify the size and position of the glazing required with no further information relating to the actual specification. This isn’t to say that the designers have overlooked this information; it’s often simply down to the cost of the drawings, however adding these details at an early stage could prevent a number of problems further down the line.

Some of the benefits of including details of a product line at the design stage include:

Product Parameters:

As with all materials, each glazing supplier has product size limitations. Does the product range include products to fit in your specified positions?

Construction Details:

Elements such as the compatibility between the product threshold and your ground/floor levels will need to be confirmed before installation.


Will the glazing meet the required performance levels including energy ratings, ‘Secured by Design’ and PAS24 security ratings, air and water tightness, wind resistance and U value ratings relating to heat loss?

Solar Shading:

Particularly relevant for sunny, south-facing windows and doors, any glazing that would benefit from solar shading should be specified early in the design process.

Supply and Delivery Times:

As we know. lead times for product delivery are key when managing a build as delays often result in additional delays and subsequent costs. Ensuring that products are supplied correctly and on time is of paramount importance.


Lastly, but by no means least, we come to budget. Specifying the details of your products early in the design process allows accurate pricing, ensuring that unexpected costs do not mean unexpected additions to your project budget.

In conclusion, wherever possible, adding specifications to your architectural drawings often brings a number of benefits, usually meaning that both time and cost is saved later in the build.

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