Within today’s modern homes, many strive for clean lines and minimal profiles. 

Every individual detail is critical and affects the flow and feel of a property. When you include high-quality sliding doors, the indoors should ideally flow seamlessly with the outdoor space. ‘Flush threshold’ is the term given to a sunken track that is positioned at the same level as the floor, with no level change or step up/down. COR VISION PLUS Sliding Doors offer multiple track solutions that can be integrated into your floor, creating a seamless link from one space to the next.

Flush Threshold on Aluminium Sliding Doors | Bi-Fold Doors | Sliding Doors | Zoda | Dorset

Continuing a floor design from a living space to an outdoor area will greatly enhance the feeling of space. Utilising this design would benefit a property with size restrictions and would allow you to maximise the internal and external floor areas.

In more exposed locations, Cortizo also offers integrated drainage with its minimal sliding system. The elegant, yet detailed drainage solution, has been designed with aesthetics in mind, enhancing the look of a well-engineered door system rather than detracting.

Main Benefits of COR VISION PLUS Sliding Doors:

  • Enhances the feeling of space.
  • Zero transition between spaces.
  • Minimal clean lines.
  • Integrated drainage. 

If you would like to discuss COR VISION PLUS Sliding Doors or any other glazing project in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Further product details coming soon.