There is no question that high quality aluminium glazing provides instant kerb appeal. Their minimalist frames, often installed in custom colours, exude contemporary style and often take architectural projects to the next level. Not only that, but they are also one of the most durable options for windows and doors, often lasting over forty years. This all sounds too good to be true, so why aren’t all projects including these in their plans?

This question became the starting point when establishing ZODA.

Given the proven benefits of quality aluminium glazing, what has been limiting their use in self-builds, renovations, commercial projects and other developments? To date, they are mainly installed in higher-end (and higher-priced) developments. What has been limiting their use and is there a way to make them more accessible?

Firstly, contemporary aluminium glazing has been expensive. Those benefits we referred to – they come at a price, and it was often an increased cost that couldn’t be incorporated into every budget. On average, aluminium glazing was priced between 20 – 40% 50 – 70%higher than uPVC – a significant consideration when working to a limited budget.

Then there was delivery. Lead times were long, especially when choosing a custom colour or finish. So, either you needed to order months in advance (which could prove problematic if your glazing sizes and/or specification needed to change due to unexpected problems), or you ran the risk of an expensive project delay whilst you waited for them to arrive. Neither of these solutions were hugely practical.

Founder of ZODA, Luke Heaver, has over twenty years in the glazing industry and has extensive experience of all types of glazing options at a senior level. In 2021, Luke used this experience and industry contacts to launch ZODA in a bid to address these obstacles. His vision was the creation of a company that supplied stunning aluminium glazing of the highest quality, directly to his client’s sites and within shorter timeframes.

After considerable research, the team at ZODA has selected a limited number of industry-leading manufacturers and now holds exclusive key supplier relationships – each of which supported by his personal experience of their quality, durability and service. This allows him to supply with complete confidence and at a realistic price that reflects the premium quality but is no longer prohibitive.

This, coupled with the extensive advice that ZODA can offer, provides a new opportunity for clients to consider beautiful, customised, aluminium glazing that is sure to change the choices that can now be considered in many projects.